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Our first winter in Appalachia begins...
izzard eyes
I know that calendar-wise, it's still considered to be autumn, but the month of December welcomed us with a bit of snow. Just a couple of inches, but I'm wondering if the powers that be were unprepared because the roads weren't quite as clear on my drive home from work last night as I was told they would be.

Moving up here, the one thing I dreaded (well, aside from being even farther away from friends and family-- but visits, phone calls, text messages, instant messages, and Facebook make it easier) was the winter with all the snow and ice and the need to drive to and from work. But the locals have been saying that while there is plenty of snow out here in the winter, the roads are well-maintained. But then, I guess I can only expect so much when I begin my drives to work at dawn and my return trips at dusk. Temperatures drop, and mush becomes ice.

But I'm alive! The drive home wasn't horrible. I'm being melodramatic. But I did almost die. Not because of scary roads but because I was being a bad driver. Kinda. I got onto the interstate behind a slow-moving truck labeled "courtesy vehicle." I didn't want to be behind him because I wanted to go a bit faster (not too fast because of the inclement weather, mind you). So to change lanes, I always follow the rules of SMOG: Signal, Mirrors, Over the shoulder, Go when it's safe. I had just finished O and looked forward to get to Step G when I see that the truck before me has significantly reduced its speed abruptly. So I jerk the wheel (I know) to get to the other lane when my car does a bit of wiggling, which I don't like. I try to correct it. More wiggling. And then I mellow out (somehow) and safely get into the other lane. A lot of words, but all of that happened in the span of one or two seconds.

Ani had to be paused. I could not enjoy music after almost colliding with a vehicle on the interstate. So I had a nice cathartic scream, "Holy *expletive deleted* ape *expletive deleted* *yet another expletive deleted*, I almost died!!!!!!!" And then a bit of hysterical laughter over the fact that I didn't. Yay, life!

I got a text on my way home from a friend I've known for over a decade, saying, "I miss u. Call me?" As I wanted to get home alive, I decided it best to wait until I got home to call her. And so I did. And then we talked for an hour and a half! I only got off the phone because I felt I was neglecting my husband. And because I hadn't eaten. It was good to reminisce about the good ol' days, talk about current events in our lives, share our war stories about our old estranged gallbladders, vent about people that are mostly behind us, and laugh about an epic battle between two cats (YouTube has everything). It was good to reconnect. I've missed her.

And in other news, I'm starting up a for-realsies website for my photography, and one of my homies is gonna doll it up for free (or maybe it was for cheap? either way, I'm down) to beef up her web design portfolio. I was inspired by If that man can sell his drawings for $10 apiece, then my photography should be successful. Of course, he has a silly marketing technique. I almost bought one of those crappy cat drawings because I'm a fan of the silly. Best of luck to that man.


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