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We'll fast-forward to a few months later...
happy ferris
Sorry! I kept telling myself that I'd update. Then I didn't. Did you miss me?

I find I'm walking a thin line with the concept I have/had for this journal. I'd like to keep the journal open to the public. However, I recognize that Big Brother is watching, so I want to keep particulars vague. Sometimes this is not possible, but I'm going to keep trying all the same.

Updates! My husband and I live in the mountains, as the last entry noted. The winter was terrifying, in terms of being an implant to the region and having to drive in such conditions. Thankfully, in a bittersweet manner, I lost my temp job as a result from not being able to drive the 45 miles to work on poorly cleared roads (mainly, but not limited to, the private path on which we reside). I didn't miss several days. In mid-January, I called out for one day and said that I'd try to be in the next day. A winter weather advisory was in effect until noon the next day, and the following morning, it was still pretty rough outside, so I said that I'd try to go in that afternoon. I was told not to worry about it, but then the temp agency called me to say that the client site needed someone who could make the trek out. Despite that, the client site still gave me a glowing performance evaluation, so it really was one of those moments of "it's nothing personal: just business." Bittersweet: no paycheck, but no need to drive in adverse weather. Thankfully, my husband earns enough to keep us afloat, and I also teach online part-time on an as-needed basis and had JUST begun teaching a class when my assignment ended.

In addition to teaching online, I am now employed working as a pharmacy technician (as of last week) and am studying to become certified. Actually... I haven't started studying yet. I did do a bunch of computer-based training before being allowed into the pharmacy though, and I'm learning a bit on the job and will learn more (I've only been in the pharmacy for two shifts). But I will do studying. In five months, I plan to be nationally certified. That way, I'm good no matter where we move, if we move. I am incredibly happy. I recognize that I have a Master's degree in counseling and that being a pharmacy technician is unrelated, but so far, I enjoy the work. I like the people who work with me. I like that when I go on my breaks and lunches, I can wander to another department and see friends and catch up. I like being sociable. When I worked at the temp job, I kept intending on catching up with friends, and I did with a few, but I lost touch with most others. Then with all of the snow, I spent a lot of time in the house, not spending time with much of anyone. So now that we're getting thawed out (apart from the freak snow yesterday that will probably melt away between today and tomorrow), I'm free to see people! My husband earns enough for us to pay the bills. I earn enough to help. I like my job. I like my co-workers. I see my friends. I am content. It is wonderful.

I've been expanding upon my baking skills. I've made three efforts to bake a cake. The local coffee shop prepared Mountain Dew cupcakes, which inspired me to bake soda-flavored baked goods. My husband and I opted for Wild Cherry Pepsi and determined that red velvet cake mix would go well with it. The first effort was a "Frankencake." I can tell you about that in further detail another time. The second cake was better than the first. It was a bit doughy, but 'twas totally edible and delicious. For the third cake, we opted for Vanilla Coke with some cherry juice. While all cakes were edible, and the third cake is by far the best of the three, I have not succeeded in capturing the soda flavor. More tests must be conducted. Also, for the third cake, I made my own cream cheese frosting, using a recipe I found on the internet (God bless Google!). It was delicious! It's actually better than the cake itself and steals the show.

As I've been doing a lot of cooking. I'm big on making lasagna as of late and learned to actually boil the noodles... Not that that's an amazing accomplishment. It's just that for the first few times I made lasagna, I was using the oven-ready lasagna noodles. I was running low on those and bought more. I finished off one box and was layering the pan when I realized opening the new box that I had bought the wrong kind. As it only set me back ten minutes, it wasn't a horrible thing. Growing up, my mom would make lasagna over two days, so I had this idea that lasagna was a long and tumultuous process. However, I did not take into consideration the fact that my mom was cooking for an army over the holidays. She had herself, my former stepfather, her five children (and eventually a couple of children-in-law and grandchildren), my grandparents, her two sisters and their husbands, and their children to feed. When I cook lasagna, I cook for myself and my husband. The entire process is less than two hours.

Oh! My husband and I celebrated six years of being a couple last month. I prepared a HUGE meal for him. At first, I was going to just do a ghettofabulous version of The Melting Pot, as the nearest one of those to us is two hours away. I was going to gather some fruit, bread, veggies, and meat to dip in chocolate and cheese. As I am unsure of how to do the fondue part with cooking meat, I was just going to cook the meat or have pre-cooked meat. Better to be safe than sorry, you know? Anyway, that was the plan. Then I thought, "Well, how about just snacks for the fondue and then have a main course?" So I called my mom while I was grocery-shopping, and I ended up with-- well, I don't want to say more than I bargained for, but it was more than I anticipated. It took a lot out of me to prepare the meal, beginning around 2:00 that afternoon and finishing up around 5:00, roughly half an hour after my husband came home. I had waiting for him chocolate fondue heated by candle (well, heated by microwave because I got impatient... but kept hot by candle), cheese fondue (heated by microwave...), various snacks to go with either (Pretzel Thins, sliced Italian loaf, assorted fruits, sliced mushrooms, Melba Snacks, etc.... all store-bought and pre-prepared), tiropita in crescent roll form (I made that), tzatziki (I made that too), potato rounds (from a bag, in the oven), chicken souvlaki (I made that) with pita bread (store-bought, oven-toasted, with spices I added), and hummus (store-bought-- goes with pita bread, Italian loaf, or Melba Snacks). I think that was everything. It took a lot out of me, and the kitchen was a wreck. But my husband loved it all and was floored by all the effort I put into the dinner.

And then last night and today, I followed an iced mocha latte recipe that I found on the back of a box of Splenda ages ago. I cut off the recipe and kept it with my coffee stuff until I one day had the ingredients and the inclination to prepare such a concoction. The first portion of it involves making iced mocha cubes, and they take eight hours to freeze. I figured it was best to do that last night so that this morning, I'd have a nice tasty iced coffee beverage. It turned out to be more of a smoothie, but it was still tasty. Incredibly messy and fought back at every turn (from smushy cubes reluctant to separate from the ice cube tray to spilling all over the counter-- the latter being due to my own clumsiness though...), but it was totally worth it. After going on about my adventure to a friend, it was suggested that I create a food blog. Maybe I'll wait on that, as this post is three months after the last one. I don't have the best track record with maintaining blogs obviously.

I suppose that's everything.

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Damn, chicka! You're some kind of a domestic goddess! I shoulda made more insistence that you had to marry me in college, 'cause now you would be cooking me all these kinda delicious meals. 'Cause that's what I want in a wife

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