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Off with the Head
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Tonight will be my second effort at making a chai pumpkin pie. Not that my first effort was unsuccessful, but I used a can of mostly ready-made pumpkin pie mix, which is the equivalent of bowling with the bumper rails up... only I would probably fail at that.

I had a dream last night that was amazingly coherent overall-- apart from the scene where the static characters and I fought an invisible Mr. Hyde (with brief flashes of visibility, or else how would we know what we were fighting?) with proportions comparable to the role in the movie of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, only with John Cleese's face. Terrorism had once again struck our nation. Only this time, our technology was attacked. The population was in a state of panic. Looters. Riots. Chaos. People leaving their cars parked in the middle of busy highways (I don't know why. The cars worked fine. Work with me here.) and running amok. The culprits had no need to attack, as we were at war with ourselves. A line from a show I watched the other night played in my head through it all (and I'll mess it up, but this is good enough): To kill a snake, you must cut off the head. And that's what had happened.

Still, I was hopeful. I thought, "This would be a great chance for us all to start over." Technology has its good points, certainly. But it seems that we have lost touch with one another. I'm no better. My cell phone's primary usage is to send and receive messages. But in the midst of this pandemonium, I was thinking of how we had a chance to reconnect with one another.

But since my voice carries no weight, I talked to Edward Norton (because apparently in the face of disaster, he's the go-to guy and is easily accessible), who rallied up support. We were planning on rebuilding from scratch and using nifty eco-friendly manners of utilizing energy, such as solar-powered this and that. There was hubbub from that, naturally. It seemed that even at square one, we were a nation divided.

This was going to be written much, much better, but as the day has goes on, the details fade.


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