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One Day More...

Another day, another destiny...

3 September
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I did not live until today.
24-hour diners, 30 rock, [le placard] the closet, [vintage] no doubt, a clockwork orange, adding color to mundane, ani difranco, annie's kitchen, apocatastasis, appalachia, baking pies, bill & ted, bill maher, billy joel, boardwalk empire, breakfast anytime, bursting into song, cake, carl rogers, cathartic screaming, chai, cheese, christopher walken, coffee, communication, contentment, counseling, cranberries, crunchy leaves, crushing heads, cup o' joe, dance dance revolution, dancing with myself, death cab for cutie, deep creek lake, defying my age, desire, disturbed, durkheim, egalitarianism, elton john, existentialism, exploration, falls church, flogging molly, foggy mornings, free association, freezepop, gene wilder, gestalt, greensboro, happiness, hershey, homsar, honesty, hope, jim henson, jump little children, kevin pollak, la vie boheme, labeling theory, late night contemplation, laughing and instilling laughter, listening to the rain, living in a musical, love, mary foust, maryland, mchenry, meandering, mel brooks, modest mouse, mountain state brewing company, mst3k, mythbusters, nature, neil gaiman, north carolina, nostalgia, passion, perkins, personifying inanimate objects, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, plato, postal service, psychology, queen, raleigh, rambling, rational emotive behavioral therapy, raw emotion, reading, road trips, rock band, romance & cigarettes, sandman, saw, second looks, singing in the car, skittles moments, sleeping in, smoke & mirrors, sociology, socrates, sons of anarchy, sta[u]nton, star-gazing, strongbad, sudoku, tate street, the big bang theory, the district, the office, the stinky cheese man, thrifting, tori amos, traders coffeehouse, trauma-focused therapy, trigun, trust, truth, viktor frankl, voice acting, waffle houses, west virginia, writing